International Gifts and Handmade Crafts

The Origin of this Jewelry

Our jewelry is made of Tagua, a natural seed of a palm tree in the Amazon Area. It is similar to a palm that grows all year-round in the tropical rainforests of South America.

Tagua in its raw form. The seeds are inside of these shells.

This is an example of the whole shell cut in two pieces for us to see the seeds inside. Some of this shells bring one, two, three or more seeds.


Tagua seeds are peeled, but some of the skin is left on each seed in order to keep its natural design. Afterwards, the seeds are dyed in different colors and sometimes, a little resin is added to enhance its luster.
characterizes its great magnet-like romantic energy. Many years ago, communities in the Amazon, believed that people wearing tagua would live in harmony and forever be loved by their friends and family.

Tagua provides employment to over 35,000 people and encourages individuals to relay on the rainforest for their livelihood. This motivates them to better protect and conserve the Amazon.

By purchasing these gifts, you are helping people feed their families. We will always try our best to bring you only the finest of the World Accessories.